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Face Time/Skype

face time/skype session

Face Time and Skype 60 minute Mat Pilates Sessions now available

Face time and Skype 60 minute Mat Pilates Sessions now available. Are you traveling or do not have the time to drop in to the studio for your Pilates Session? Then Face time and Skype sessions are for you! It is a one on one private session using your mobile […]

Semi-Private Sessions by appointment only

In a semi-private session, two clients work together with an instructor. These sessions are fun and motivating creating a team environment. When done 2-3 times each week they deliver visible and lasting results. Many clients take a mix of semi-private and private sessions. Semi-privates require a minimum of two participants. […]

Private Sessions by appointment only

Privates are imperative in laying the basic foundation for a client’s Pilates practice. Through hands on, one-on-one teaching, clients are educated from the six Principles of Pilates, a vast array of exercises, equipment functionality, and a specific system of exercises that is targeted for their body while adhering to their […]