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With Kate, it’s personal, it’s real, and it makes me smile. She listens. She observes. She engages. She cares. – Charles Elledge

Training with Kate Medley has changed my life. A few years ago, I could have never imagined taking any kind of fitness classes, let alone Pilates with a teacher one-on-one. Now I can’t imagine my life without it. Kate is so amazingly in tune with each of her clients, and […]


I will soon move from being a fatso to a fitso – Ansar Haroun MD

I have been a military physician for over 20 years, and was obviously devoted to the mental and physical health of our troops. I therefore worked with many physical trainers, athletic coaches, and fitness experts. Now that I am retired, I began to get unfit, and recently started working with […]


The Sky is the limit at Pilatezenergy!

Natural light and fresh air flow into this intimate studio. Below the skylight, two new studio reformers handcrafted by Balanced Body are thoughtfully placed so you can enjoy working out while gazing at the blue sky and feeling the warmth of the sun. The quiet environment allows privacy and the personal attention you […]