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The Studio - pilatezenergy

The Studio

PILATEZENGERY is located in the heart of Roseville Heights on the corner of Canon and Scott with gorgeous views of Point Loma and Fleetwood.  As soon as you enter the studio your senses become heightened with the decor. The white walls and floors feel serene, punctuated  with a rainbow of color throughout making it inviting and bright. The entire ceiling is a framework consisting of wooden beams architecturally designed around a skylight. Thus allowing natural light and fresh air to flow into this intimate studio. Below the skylight, two new studio reformers handcrafted by Balanced Body are thoughtfully placed so clients can enjoy working out while gazing up at the blue sky and feeling the warmth of the sun.  The quiet environment here allows you privacy and the personal attention you deserve as a client resulting in the true PILATEZENERGY experience. Private and semi-private sessions are offered leaving you feeling invigorated and in a blissful state of zen.

For studio images, click the picture below to enter the slide show viewer.  Press the play button to auto rotate the images or use the navigation arrows at the left and right to step through.