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A common misconception about Pilates is that it’s just for women. While men may find themselves in the minority in many Pilates classes, some of the world’s most elite male athletes have discovered how beneficial Pilates is for fitness and overall athletic performance. Need some convincing? Check out our Mind/Body team’s top 5 reasons why men should give Pilates a second thought:

Increase Core Strength

Pilates requires major stabilization of your core in order to control movements and activate muscles (hello, 6-pack abs!) and increases muscle strength in your back. Bonus: common tasks like taking out the trash or moving furniture become easy thanks to enhanced functional movement and stability!

Discover New Muscles

Few muscle groups, if any, get a break a Pilates Reformer workout! Throughout the workout, you’ll attack smaller muscles that seldom get any love in a typical workout. The increased strength you’ll build in these typically under-used muscles will assist your body as a whole and reduce your risk of injury.

Improve Flexibility

Men typically have tighter muscles ,which can hinder flexibility. Pilates uses a specific method to increase functional range of motion in the body, which will improve overall flexibility without compromising progress made in your fitness routine.

Be Conscious of Your Body

Ok men – we know you focus heavily on the amount of weight you can lift in a workout. Pilates, on the other hand, requires you to slow down in order to isolate specific muscle groups and maximize the effect the movement has on them. The awareness that Pilates can bring to your workouts will carry over to your other workouts, allowing you to better target muscles groups while strength training.

Decrease Stress + Increase Happiness

As stated above. Pilates requires you to slow down. Sessions are taught in a calm, quiet environment where you can truly focus on what you’re doing in that moment. You’ll experience an intense workout, but leave feeling relaxed and centered!


Find out what Pilates can do for you! Our Mind/Body instructors will work with you to determine how to incorporate Pilates in order to best meet your fitness and performance goals.

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