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Thanks to Kate’s skills as a fitness coach I have seen my body changed – Maria Castilleja

I discovered Pilates over a year ago and I am hooked for life ! After a few months I decided to start private classes and Kate was the right choice ! She is knowledgeable, detailed and energetic ; her workouts concentrate on stretching and shaping specific body areas while focusing […]


I have four kids, work full time, and Kate works with my challenging schedule to help me meet my health and fitness goals – Monica Curry

To help reduce lower back pain, my physical therapist recommended Pilates to strengthen my core.  Then my surgeon advised I get as strong as possible pre shoulder surgery.  Both advise I work with a trained instructor so as not to further aggravate injuries.  I count my blessings to have found […]


So glad I found Pilates and ever so thankful to have found Kate! – Maria Stanley

I first met Kate when I entered the world of Pilates a few years ago. As a newbie and someone who is no longer considered a spring chicken, I was somewhat fearful, did not know what to expect. My cardiologist suggested I try Pilates and so I took the plunge. What […]