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5 Private Sessions (60 minutes) - pilatezenergy
Private 60 minute session 5 Pack

5 Private Sessions (60 minutes)


Product Description

Privates are imperative in laying the basic foundation for a client’s Pilates practice. Through hands on, one-on-one teaching, clients are educated from the six Principles of Pilates, a vast array of exercises, equipment functionality, and a specific system of exercises that is targeted for their body while adhering to their personal fitness goals. Private sessions allow the instructor to develop a customized system of exercises to address each new client’s needs, goals, and previous injuries. More advanced clients benefit overall, from a private session. Resulting in improvement in their precision, learning modifications and variations in regards to their personal injuries and what works best for their body, adding new exercises to their Pilates practice, isolating and honing in on specific needs thus; resulting in a balanced body. To schedule a private or semi-private session, please call Kate @ 858-205-4895 or email . Please note that our 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all private and semi-private sessions.